New design launched

After a year of inaction I saw in the logs that people just won't stop visiting my tiny website despite the intense competition from Microsoft and Google, even though half the time it was blocked due to late hosting payments :-) So it's time for a redesign!

The viewer for albums is now totally full-screen. If you also full-screen your browser to hide the chrome, the effect is quite striking.

A separate album editor page has been developed at last. It shows a complete list of all images uploaded into your album, so no more getting lost in the editing labyrinth.

Seeing as people mostly create albums of their personal living rooms, offices, pretty girls and other stuff that I don't feel comfortable publishing to the world, and additionally seeing that my wonderful hosting provider ran some random deletions that ruined a lot of the uploads, I made the "featured albums" list much shorter and in picture form; you can see it on the right.

Oh, and the front page now has a new Drupal-based blog, so now you can comment and other visitors will hear you.