Tutorial on creating an album: Taj Mahal

I just finished building a new album of the Taj Mahal, and wish to describe the process.

After choosing an interesting place to add, I typically search Flickr for CC-licensed images of that place. In this case we quickly notice that everybody photographs the Taj Mahal in the exact same way. (The same problem plagues the Photosynth and Panoramio treatments too: no matter how long you click, all you see is the same straight frontal overview shot under different lighting conditions.) I think it's very important to have diverse pictures — each one should contain something new that's unavailable in the others, so that together they create a vivid impression of the place. So I carefully chose three overviews of the Taj Mahal from different angles, stitched them together and added midrange and detail shots to highlight the wonderful decor of the walls.

The completed album contains seventeen interlinked images and took about three hours to build. It may be expanded in the future if a good image set turns up, as has happened with Sagrada Familia and the Notre Dame where people actually emailed me their photo archives to add to the albums.